The NSRA's communication is not as effective as it could be.

Truth 2

Historically the NSRA has communicated with its membership in a number of ways. The Association’s magazine has been a prime mechanism of communication supported by the website and general correspondence. Over the past six years email has been used more widely with social media being fully utilised during the past year.

However the main avenues that have been used are through Club Secretaries or named Correspondents and the Shooting Council. These conduits aim to provide information directly to clubs and their members with the hope being that anything sent to the Club Secretary will be shared with the members of that club.

Similarly information shared with the Shooting Council is intended to be cascaded down to the county that the Shooting Council member represents and from there on to the clubs and shooters in the county.

In addition to these main channels of communication, wherever possible we try to communicate directly with our members when it is necessary, appropriate and effective to do so, usually via email. Our vision is to provide the best advice and information we can for our members and clubs. Email is the most cost and time effective means of communication but it is limited by the numbers of email addresses we have. If the vision is shared, and if any member wishes to receive information directly it would be helpful if those individuals could provide their email addresses, and the relevant permissions to enable the Association to provide the kind of information each individual wants and needs.