The NSRA's email service resumed late Wednesday afternoon. However it is expected that it will take a short while for all emails sent to the NSRA since Sunday 8 April to be received and for staff to clear the backlog in dealing with them.

Entries for the Rifle Meeting are still being accepted, but are now subject to a surcharge.

County associations and clubs have until 1 August to get in any further orders for tents on Century Range.

It is with deep regret that we report the death on 31st March of David Lattimore, a Joint Hon. Treasurer of the Association. Further information will be announced in due course.

Over the Easter period the The Lord Roberts Centre closing times will be:

Good Friday (6th) - 17.00
Saturday (7th) & Sunday (8th) - 19.00
Easter Monday (9th) - 19.00

The NSRA Shop will be closed on Easter Monday (9th)


The final of the Browne Martin Cup, a competition for clubs in the Home Counties, tookphoto place at the Lord Roberts Centre on 18th March. The final is in knock-out format and Chobham, shown here, beat Hendon in the close-run final round. In the semi-final Hendon's score of 983 was a record for this competitoin since its reintroduction.

The results can be seen here.

We are aware that details of the scorers for Stage 2 of this competition were not included with the stickers, which were issued on 14 March. This information has now been sent to participating clubs by email or post.

Stage 1 of the NSRA/Eley Postal Competition has now finished and the cut-off scores for qualification for Stage 2 are as follows:

Discipline  Class  Score 
 3P     A  559
     B  536
 Prone    A   391
     B   386
     C   382
     D  378
     E   370
     F   358
 20 Yard Pistol    A   370
     B   338
     C   317
 LSR Precision    A      380
     B   364
     C   356
     D   341
 LSR Timed    A    567
     B   545
     C   511
 10m Air Rifle    A      378 
     B  359
     C  332
     D   298 
 10m Air Pistol    A      366
     B  356
     C   343 
      D   332
     E   307
 Bench Rest    A   396 
     B   388 
     C   382
 Cartridge Pistol     A   343
     B   310


 British Open Championships
 The principal Air Pistol Championships are held on Saturday and the Air Rifle Championships on Sunday.
 Air Rifle  Men  Women  Junior Men  Junior Women
   Qualification  Qualification  Qualification  Qualification
   Final  Final  Final  Final
 Air Pistol  Men  Women  Junior Men  Junior Women
   Qualification  Qualification  Qualification  Qualification
   Final  Final  Final  Final
 Masters (Over 50 years)  Shot Friday.  Air Rifle & Air Pistol
 Disabled   Air Rifle SH1  Air Rifle SH2  Air Pistol SH1
   Qualification  Qualification  Qualification 
   Final  Final  Final
 Other Championships      
 British Disabled Prone Air Rifle Championship  Shot Saturday.  
 British ISSF 10m Air Pistol Five Target Championship  Shot Friday to Sunday.
 British ISSF 10m Air Pistol Standard Championship  Shot Friday to Sunday.
 British Confined Championships
 Air Rifle    Men  Women    
 Air Pistol  Men  Women    
 Open Championship Aggregate    
 Air Rifle  Comp. 6  Comp. 7  Aggregate Comp. 8  
 Air Pistol  Comp. 26  Comp. 27  Aggregate Comp. 28


 Home Country Internationals  Air Rifle  Air Pistol   
 Inter-County Competitions  Air Rifle & Air Pistol  
 Club Competitions  Air Rifle  Air Pistol
The CLUB and INDIVIDUAL entry forms for the 2012 Summer Leagues were distributed with the Winter Rifleman and can be found by clicking above.
Ashford & Dist A 979 
Basildon  979 
Bookham A  979 
Chobham  977 
Colchester A 975 
Ashford & Dist B 974 
Colchester B 973 
Hendon 969
The above teams go through to the final at
Lord Roberts Centre on 18 March 2012
Bookham B 968 
Hampton  967 
Surbiton Postal 964 
Farncombe & Godalming 959 
Borough of Wandsworth 957 
Lingfield & Dormansland A 956 
St Nicholas 956
32nd/61st Surrey HG 956
Witan 955
Twickenham 942
Lingfield & Dormansland 937