Following discussion with coaches and athletes it has been decided to re-launch the NSRA Senior Pistol Squad.


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Warwick PF

It was taken during WW2. Do you know where? Warwick Police Force and the Bank of England (Overton, Hampshire) are mentioned by the supplier of the photograph. Those shown had just won a Small-bore Rifle Competition.

Final preparations for BOAG 2019 are complete. The NSRA are looking forward to welcoming the athletes.


For live results follow the link: BOAG Live Results

Lauder ViewPhoto credit: Scottish Small-bore Rifle Association.

The range at Lauder, set in the grounds of Thirlestane Castle, is the ideal setting for the NSRA Scottish Rifle Meeting. Many shooters have provided constructive feedback regarding improvements. The Rifle Committee have listened to the points raised by competitors and because this is the 100th Meeting we have sanctioned the below range improvements:

We look forward to welcoming you to Lauder and feel sure you will enjoy the event.

NSRA SCO100 Scotland Logo Combined

Scotland 1996 1 Forres webPhoto credit: B Norman

The NSRA are looking to select a small number of members to become part of a new NSRA Legislation Working Group. These will be volunteer positions and those selected will assist the association in its continuing fight against legislative changes that could damage our sport.

If you have a good understanding of the current firearms legislation and would like to become a part of the NSRA Team, please send in an outline of your knowledge and experience in this area and why you think you could help.

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Dave Froggett


Article credited to: Danny Law, The Press & Journal, Aberdeen Journals Ltd. Photograph by Kenny Elrick.

CEO’s Welcome - Winter Edition of 'On Target' Magazine

It has been brought to our attention that we have unfortunately published inaccurate statements in the Winter 2018 issue of 'On Target' magazine.

Thank you to Lothian SSA for compiling this record.

As part of the Scotland 100 celebrations the Rifle Committee are pleased to announce a one off special competition.