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2019 HCCC New Zealand International Match Results.
Dear Shooter.
Herewith results of the 2019 matches:
Senior Team
New Zealand 7911 - Record Score
HCCC 7894
New Zealand 2968 - Record Score. 
HCCC 2950
New Zealand 2949
HCCC 2891
HCCC 2952
New Zealand 2912
HCCC 2967 - Record Score.
New Zealand 2961
Well done to all the teams especially the HCCC Men's and Veterans.
Congratulations to New Zealand for winning the Seniors, Ladies and Juniors.
The New Zealand Match was shot on the Keen Range, Petone on18th August 2019.
Congratulations to Ken Bowley, posting 400x400 in the HCCC Senior Team and 300x300 in the HCCC Men's Team. Samantha Riddle 300x300 in the NZ Ladies Team and Ryan Taylor in the NZ Men's Team
Our thanks go to Roy Attenborough for scoring the HCCC targets.
Yours sincerely,
Hon. Sec.