Future Instructor and Coach Courses delivered by South East Regional Training Team (SERTT) on behalf of the NSRA. We have taken the opportunity to fundamentally review the way we deliver these courses.

Why make changes now?

We have been delivering these courses for well over a decade. The vast majority of feedback we receive is positive, yet the numbers booking on to courses have steadily fallen.

In addition, we have been subsidizing these courses ourselves to a degree despite occasional support from the NSRA and some very helpful pricing approach by the Army Target Shooting Club, whose premises we have been frequently using. We have decided to go down a different route, having looked at other leading providers of Sports Coach courses, including some shooting related examples.

If you have had occasion to explore course availability, not only in sport, you will have noted that the going rate these days pays no resemblance to the prices we charge. In fairness, nor do the venues used by most others.

We believe it is time to move towards a more commercial approach, albeit that the SERTT Team delivering the courses will continue to do so without charging for their own time (skills, experience, etc).

We also feel that it would enhance the learning experience if the type of accommodation better reflected the professionalism that we believe we can bring to the table. I don’t want this to be interpreted as us ‘having a pop’ at the ATSC. They are long-standing mates and we believe they work hard to do the best they can within very limited resources.

So what will all this mean?

1.   What we will offer with immediate effect is a ‘complete’ package for each course. The price quoted will include:

  • Course materials and instruction (of course!)
  • NSRA registration fee
  • Accommodation overnight (Saturdays) similiar to Travelodge standards
  • Breakfast (Sunday morning)
  • Buffet lunch (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Evening meal (Saturday evening)
  • Day-time refreshments in the conference room.
  • The premises have free parking and wifi plus the usual accessories that you would expect at a Travelodge-like environment.
  • The costs we are quoting are based on a minimum of seven candidates for the Club Coach and Club Instructor courses and eight for the County Coach. We will only be able to proceed if we achieve these minimums.

2.   Costs:

Club Instructor Course Package. One full weekend - £205.

Club Coach Course Package. One full weekend plus part day for assessment - £215

County Coach Course Package. Two full weekends plus part day assessment - £375

NB. Please note that the entry criteria for these courses has not changed.

Tony King
Ray Pullen
Bert Bertoloni

To book on to a course contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.