The Wakefield Match is an international postal competition which is shot prone at 50 metres/yards (60 shots).

As a result of COVID-19, it is not possible to select the Great Britain Wakefield Team as normal. Therefore, for 2020 the Great Britain Wakefield Team will be selected from a postal trial. The Trial will be an English Match (60 shots at 50 metres/yards). All cards must be shot on the same day and may be shot on any suitable available range.

Postal Trial:
  • FREE ENTRY & open to all NSRA members
  • 60 shots prone at 50 metres/yards
  • Top 10 will be selected to represent Great Britain in the Wakefield Match
  • Positions 11 & 12 will be the reserves
  • Entries close Friday 14th August 2020 (shooting can commence before this on receipt of stickers)
  • Last day for shooting Friday 18th September 2020
  • Shot cards must be with the marker no later than Friday 25th September 2020

The Match cards will be shot during October 2020. The Match will be shot on your home range with targets being witnessed and sent to a central scorer. The course of fire for the Match is 60 shots at 50 metres/yards, all cards must be shot on the same day. GB honours will be available for those selected and as a result they will receive a medal (first time representatives only) and date bar.

Wakefield Match: Postal Trial 2020

2020 Great Britain Wakefield Team - Postal Trial Entry Form

CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES: Friday 14th August 2020

GDPR: - Information provided on this entry form will be stored in accordance with GDPR regulations for the purposes of administration of the Trial and Match, and the distribution of results. It is a condition of entry that the competitor agrees to their name, club and scores appearing in the results, however they may be published. The NSRA will not use any competitor’s data for commercial purposes or give permission for use to a third party.

All details on this form are to be used for competition purposes only.