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The NSRA is the National Governing Body for all Small-bore Rifle and Pistol Target Shooting in the United Kingdom, including Airgun and Match Crossbow Shooting.

We are based at The Lord Roberts Centre, within the grounds of the National Shooting Centre, Bisley, Surrey.

Michael is the UK's top vision impaired shooter and he's crowd funding to help him make the trip to Australia in October. Click here to visit his 'Go Fund Me' page

On his page Michael writes: 'Many may question the ability of someone without sight to shoot an air rifle accurately. However, vision impaired athletes can do this with minor modifications to the aiming device of the rifle. The sights are replaced with an electronic device that detects the target and produces audio signals that are relayed to the athlete via earphones enabling them to shoot accurately. As well as the special aiming device, the shooter has a sighted assistant to provide additional information, such as where shots have hit the target.

I am Michael Whapples the top vision impaired shooter in the UK. In 2018 I took part in the International Shooting Competition of Hanover winning the gold medal and took silver in the World Cup in France. For more information why not visit my blog or find me on twitter

In October 2019 vision impaired shooting will be included, for the first time, in the World Shooting ParaSport World Championships to be held in Sydney, Australia. I want to compete at this event and to do this need to qualify at the International Shooting Competition of Hanover in May 2019. As vision impaired is not, as yet, included in the Paralympics there is no funding for vision impaired shooters in the UK. This means I will have to cover all the costs related to competing at both events myself. 

Costs will include, competition fees, travel expenses, equipment, training sundries. As I cannot see I also require an assistant whose costs I will also need to find as without them I cannot compete. I am asking for your help to get me to these events, any funds over and above my needs will be used to further vision impaired shooting in the UK.'