25th September 1927 - 11th June 2018

Pat Daniell 2Having been a Royal Navy sniper during his service years, Pat returned to target shooting in 1974 when his father retired from shooting and handed down “Betsy”, his beloved BSA. Initially joining Centre RC and Hendon RC, it wasn’t long before he had a shooting companion as his 13 year old, Yvette, was keen to know where dad was going, tagged along one weekend and was quickly hooked.

They went to many open meetings throughout the years, spending the week at Bisley for the small-bore events, with occasional trips north of the border for the Scottish.

Pat also enjoyed full-bore shooting, joining both City RC and the Royal Navy TRC, and competed at the Imperial Meeting. With his white beard he was a familiar face and was always happy to stop and have a chat with his many shooting friends.

One of the key mottos of Pat’s life was “service above self”. He strongly believed that if you took something out, you should put something back in. So it was with shooting, as he quickly became involved in shooting administration, becoming Secretary at Centre RC, Captain at Hendon RC, General Secretary of the Civil Service RA and regularly coaching during Royal Navy TRC matches.

Having retired from work, he moved to Hampshire and joined Aldershot RC, but still drove back to Hendon to shoot and was honoured to be their Club President, an office which he held until he died. Unfortunately, rheumatoid arthritis would eventually curtail his shooting activities. However, he was still a regular visitor to Bisley and would often be seen on the veranda at City RC passing the time of day.