The 2017 British Open Airgun Championships

We would like to offer our sincere apologies to the competitors and the families of those concerned for the omission of two key results tables in the current (Spring) edition 801 of 'On Target' magazine. We would also like to offer our sincere apologies for an error in the results table for the Men's Air Rifle competition.

These errors are highly regrettable and we would like to emphasise that this was a genuine mistake made during the magazine compilation process. We have taken steps to ensure such omissions do not re-occur when preparing and editing articles for publication in future. Competitors were notified of all results by email on the 23rd March.

In addition to this notice, we will publish the missing results and correct results for Men's Air Rifle Competition in the next (Summer) edition 802 of the magazine.

Competition 17: British Sporter Rifle (Championship)
Competition 18: Sporter Rifle Standing (Competition)

Please click below for the results of the Competitions

Competition 17
Gold - Amy Lott - 365
Silver - James Farquharson - 358
Bronze - Michaela Green - 344

Competition 18
Gold - Amy Lott - 349
Silver - Michaela Green -346
Bronze - James Farquharson - 346

Aggregate Competition
Gold - Amy Lott - 714
Silver - James Farquharson - 704
Bronze - Michaela Green - 690

Men's Air Rifle Competition
Gold -
Dean Bale 243.1
Silver -
Jack Bale 242.2
Bronze -
Fabio Holder 219.5