You will be aware that the Bank of England has recently reduced the base rate to 0.25% — which is not good news for savers. However, the NSRA is offering a fantastic opportunity to invest with a gross return of 2.75% above the Bank of England base rate (i.e. 3% including Bank of England base rate at the present time), in addition to supporting the Association.

These Bonds are available to Individual Members, NSRA Affiliated Clubs and Associations and are subject to a 90 days’ notice period for withdrawals and a minimum investment of £1,000.

Due to the untimely death of two major bond holders, the NSRA has repaid over £80,000 in the past six months. As you would expect this has had an adverse effect on the Association's cash flow.

To replace some of these invested funds, the NSRA is inviting Members, Clubs and Associations to apply for a limited number of bonds from those wishing to take advantage of a better return on their investments.

If you are interested, please contact Mrs Dee Fuller for further details:

Mrs Dee Fuller
National Small-bore Rifle Association
Lord Roberts Centre
Bisley Camp, Brookwood
GU24 0NP

Email:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
DDI:       01483 488512