The new IOC Agenda 2020 calls for a number criteria to be met by all sports on the Olympic programme with the most immediate being; gender equality, event based sports and sustainability. This means that all events within each summer and winter sport are to be assessed on their own merits against a set criteria established by the IOC.

Therefore the ISSF is conducting a review of all its events with this criteria in mind ready for 2020, which means having any new events or changes in place in 2017. Ready for the new 2020 Olympic cycle, post Rio and any further evaluation of current events by the IOC. 

Therefore all of the present 15 shooting medal events are under scrutiny. 50m Men's Rifle Prone is being looked at, along with all the others. There is a suggestion that it may be replaced by a rifle mixed team event shot at 10m, but nothing is decided as yet and the ISSF remains open to all suggestions to improve the shooting discipline and programme for the Olympics. 

Obviously people will be rightly passionate and eager to preserve or retain and promote what they see best for the sport and this is to be encouraged. As I say, the ISSF remains open to suggestions and ideas of how the sport should best meet the aspirations of Agenda 2020. Therefore, I see no harm in the petition. The ISSF is facing the challenge of meeting Agenda 2020 by seeking the views, opinions and suggestions of all interested parties involved in our Sport.

The initial goal of reaching 1,000 signatures has been achieved, but more support is needed. Please see the petition link below:-

Save Prone Shooting in the Olympic Programme

British Shooting Sports Council will be representing the interests of our sport at governmental level to ensure our views are heard and the best interests of shooting are upheld.

Thank you for your support.

NSRA Board of Management