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Meeting Outline (for fuller details see the meeting programme booklet) 

The first meeting was held in 1909 at Perth. Subsequent meetings have been held at various venues around Scotland, on a temporary range of about 120 firing points. The meeting normally attracts between 200 and 300 competitors.

The meeting normally runs from the last Saturday in June to the following Friday, but the exact week chosen may vary slightly according to local holidays and other factors. The meeting is run to NSRA Rules and caters only for prone shooting.

The competitions include:-

  • A Squadded Aggregate in five classes, of 200 shots (100 at 50m, 100 at 100 yd), fired over two days.
  • A Weekend Aggregate in five classes, of 120 shots (60 at 50m, 60 at 100yd), fired on Saturday and Sunday.
  • An Unsquadded Aggregate in five classes, of three matches totalling 140 shots (80 at 50m, 60 at 100 yd).
  • The Scottish Championship, the "Haig", (first stage on Sunday (20 shots each at 50m and 100 yd); final for the top 20 on Friday (60 shots at 100 yd)
  • Various other individual matches fired concurrently with or separately from the aggregates.
  • An Unsquadded Any Sights competition.
  • Team matches also fired for club, county and home country teams.

The Squadded Aggregate is fired on alternate days (some classes on Monday and Wednesday, the other classes on Tuesday and Thursday) so competitors can have some non-shooting days to visit local attractions, making the meeting especially suitable for combining with a holiday in Scotland.

Most Recent Meeting - 30 June to 6 July 2018 at Lauder

The results can be viewed here:

Next Meeting - 29 June to 5 July 2019


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