Urgent Notice to All Club Secretaries

Please be aware that unless you have correctly completed and returned your club re-affiliation paperwork for 2016, your club will not be insured. We are unable to make any exceptions to this ruling as our underwriters will not accept claims made if the correct paperwork has not been submitted and received at our NSRA offices.

Please note that if you have already submitted your renewal paperwork, your club will be covered by our insurance, providing this is complete and correct. Any slight delay you may experience in receiving confirmation of your renewal is due to the Christmas / New Year break and the resulting volume of work we have to process.

To avoid unnecessary telephone calls and if you have yet to send in your renewal paperwork, please refer to the letter sent to you in October 2015, detailing the relevant forms for completion, the information required and the club renewal fee payable for 2016.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding during what is for us a very busy time of the year.

If you need another copy of the forms, all 2016 membership forms can be downloaded below:

For downloads relating to this meeting, go to the bottom of this page.

Meeting Outline (for fuller details see the meeting programme booklet)

The first meeting at Bisley was held in 1922 and has been held annually with the exception of 1940 to 1945, when no meetings were held, and 1939 and 1946, when the meeting was instead held on the ranges of Ham & Petersham RPC.

The meeting is normally held for a week starting on the third Saturday before August Bank Holiday Monday. Most competitions are run to NSRA Rules and are shot on about 140 firing points sited on the 200-yard firing point of Century Range. The remaining matches, including the three positions events, are fired at the Lord Roberts Centre at Bisley on Sius electronic targets broadly under ISSF Rules. The entry for the meeting is about 700 competitors.

The programme includes:-

  • A Squadded Aggregate in five classes, of 280 shots (140 at 50m, 140 at 100 yd), fired between Monday and Thursday.
  • A Weekend Aggregate in five classes, of 120 shots (60 at 50m, 60 at 100 yd) fired during the first Saturday and the Sunday.
  • The British Prone Rifle Championship, the "Roberts", first stage on Friday, second stage on the second Saturday morning (both 20 shots each at 50m and 100 yd); final for the top 20 on the second Saturday afternoon (40 shots each at 50m and 100 yd).
  • Various other individual matches fired concurrently with or separately from the aggregates.
  • British Men's 3x40 and Women's 3x20 Championships, an Unsquadded 3x20 (open to all) and an Individual Double English Match, fired on electronic targets.
  • Competitions for "Any Sights", including telescope sights.

Team matches also fired for club, county and home country teams.

Finals of the Astor Club Team Championship (club teams of 6), the Queen Alexandra Cup (county teams of 6 and individual) and the NSRA/Eley Competitions in Prone and 3P rifle (individual), the initial stages of which are run as postal competitions.

The HBSA organise competitions for classic and veteran rifles during the first weekend.

The Great Britain teams for the Randle and Drew International Postal Matches are selected and shoot the matches during the meeting.

Most Recent Meeting - 12 to 20 August 2017

Next Meeting - August 2018 (exact dates to be confirmed)



Individual Membership WELCOME Offer

The Association has a special discounted price for individuals joining the NSRA for the first time as an Annual or Junior Annual Member, together with a bounty for the new member's club.