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Shoulder-to-Shoulder Internationals

The Pershing and Roberts Matches

There are two International matches held shoulder-to-shoulder between Great Britain and
the United States of America.

The Pershing Match and the Roberts Match are each shot every eight years, the former at
Camp Perry, Ohio and the latter at Bisley Camp, during the host association’s National Championships Meeting.

Both matches are for teams of 10, over a course of 40 shots per team member. The Pershing Match is over a Dewar Course on American Decimal targets: the Roberts Match over a modified Dewar Course on current NSRA targets.

The method of selecting each Great Britain Team is decided by the Rifle Committee, in consultation with the Team Captain. A team is normally selected on the basis of trials and an element of the selection arrangements is likely to refer to the leading scorers in the Bisley Championship Aggregate in the year prior to the match. However there may well be additional methods of obtaining a place as a trialist.

The Roberts Match which took place on the 21st August 2009, had Neil Gibbons as Captain, Phil Strong as Adjutant and Jon Leech as Coach. The match was won by Great Britain with 3842 points to the Unites States' 3806.

In 2005 at Camp Perry, the USA and Great Britain tied on gunscore, but the USA had the higher count of X-bulls, 3990-295x to 3990-270x.

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