Overseas Internationals

There is a wide range of International Matches shot under ISSF Rules. At the top end
there are the major events such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, World and
European Championships, and World Cups. In addition many National Federations, as
well as regional and local organisations, run other matches that are well-established and
of a high standard.

Entries to these matches will mainly be made by British Shooting and/or the Home Country organisations, although some matches are open to anyone and may attract teams from regional squads, clubs or other British organisations.

Immediately below are the main overseas small-bore and airgun matches attended by British shooters during 2012, and the principal successes achieved at them. The results for earlier years can be reached by links at the foot of the page. The links to information, such as the results posted by the match organiser, have been left in place although these may become broken after a period of time.


 Monday 6 August  British competitors  Score  Position
 Men 3 Positions Rifle    
 09.00  Qualification  Jonathan Hammond  1142  41st
 13.45  Final  James Huckle  1162  25th
 Men Trap (day 2)      
 09.00  Qualification  Ed Ling  118  21st
 16.00  Final      
 Sunday 5 August    
 Men 50m Pistol      
 09.00  Qualification      
 12.30  Final      
 Men Trap (day 1)    After 75 clays
 09.00  Qualification  Ed Ling  72  15th
 Saturday 4 August    
 Women 3 Positions Rifle    
 09.00  Qualification  Jen McIntosh  570  42nd
 12.45  Final      
 Women Trap      
 09.00  Qualification  Charlotte Kerwood  64  16th
 15.00  Final      
 Friday 3 August    
 Men Prone Rifle    
 09.00  Qualification  Jonathan Hammond  593  17th
 12.00  Final  James Huckle  591  29th
 Men Rapid Fire Pistol (day 2)    
 10.30  Qualification      
 14.30  Final      
 Thursday 2 August    
 Men Rapid Fire Pistol (day 1)    
 10.30  Qualification      
 Men Double Trap      
 09.00  Qualification  Richard Faulds  133  12th
 15.00  Final  Peter Wilson  188  1st


 Wednesday 1 August    
 Women 25m Pistol    
 09.00  Qualification  Gorgs Geikie  562  37th
 15.30  Final      
 Tuesday 31 July    
 Men Skeet (day 2)      
 09.00  Qualification  Richard Brickell  118  12th
 14.00  Final  Rory Warlow  118  16th
 Monday 30 July    
 Men Air Rifle      
 09.00  Qualification  James Huckle  593  24th
 11.45  Final      
 Men Skeet (day 1)    After 75 clays
 09.00  Qualification  Richard Brickell  69  22nd
   Rory Warlow  70  17th
 Sunday 29 July    
 Women Air Pistol      
 09.00  Qualification  Gorgs Geikie  359  47th
 11.45  Final      
 Women Skeet      
 09.00  Qualification  Elena Allen  60  14th
 14.00  Final      
 Saturday 28 July
 Women Air Rifle      
 08.15  Qualification  Jen McIntosh  392  36th
 11.00  Final      
 Men Air Pistol      
 12.00  Qualification      
 15.30  Final      


43rd GP of Liberation, Pilsen, CZE
4 - 8 May 2012
 Team    Results

 For information about the World Cup, London. click HERE

28th ISAS International, Dortmund, GER
19 - 25 March 2012
 Team, programme & results    
 Junior Men 10m Air Pistol    
 Kristian Callaghan, GBR  Bronze  570 
 Junior Men Rapid Fire Pistol    
 Kristian Callaghan  Silver  549
 Women Three Position Rifle    
 Jennifer McIntosh  4th   684.9 
European 10m Championships, Heinola-Vierumaki FIN
15 - 19 February 2012
 Team  Programme  
 Sius Ascor link for live results    
InterShoot 2012, The Hague, NED
 2 - 4 February 2012
 Team  Programme  Results
 Live Results    
 Junior Men 10m Air Pistol 1
 Kristian Callaghan, ENG  Bronze  664.3
 Junior Women 10m Air Pistol 1
 Anna Rehfisch, ENG  Silver  470.8
 Men 10m Air Rifle 1
 Kenneth Parr, ENG  Silver  696.4
 James Huckle, ENG  Bronze  695.6
 Junior Men 10m Air Rifle 1
 Michael Bamsey, WAL  Bronze  682.1
 Men 10m Air Rifle 2
 James Huckle, ENG  Silver  697.9
 In Qualification    598
 New British Men Record    
 Men 10m Air Rifle 2 Team
 England  Silver  1754
 James Huckle 598, Kenneth Parr 594, Kevin Sinclair 562
 Junior Women 10m Air Pistol 2    
 Anna Rehfisch, ENG  Silver  466.0
 Imogen Side-Page, ENG  Bronze  455.4
 Junior Men 10m Air Pistol 2
 Kristian Callaghan, ENG  Bronze  660.8
 Women Air Pistol 2 Team    
 England  Silver   1090 
 Julia Lydall 376, Victoria Tripney 359, Freya Trotter 355 
 Men Air Pistol 2 Team    
 England 1  Gold   1712 
 Michael Gault 571, Nicholas Baxter 571, Stewart Nangle 270   
 England 2  Silver  1684
 Adrian Syms 566, Jim Newsome 564, Iqbal Ubhi 554
 Northern Ireland  Bronze  1672
 Robert Doak 567, Alan Kerr 554, Hugh Stewart 551
 Junior Women 10m Air Pistol 3
 Anna Rehfisch, ENG  Silver  457.7
 Senior Men Air Rifle 3    
 James Huckle, ENG  Bronze  698.8
 New British Men Record    
 Junior Men Air Rifle 3    
 Michael Bamsey, WAL  Gold  691.0 
International Airgun Competition, Munich, GER
26 -28 January 2012
 Team    Results
 Junior Women 10m Air Pistol 1
 Anna Rehfisch, GBR  5th  471.9
 Women 10m Air Rifle 2
 Jennifer McIntosh, GBR  13th  397
 Scottish Women Equal Record (subject to confirmation)
2nd Meyton Cup, Innsbruck, AUT
20 -24 January 2012
 Women 10m Air Rifle 2
 Jennifer McIntosh, GBR  8th  497.9
 Scottish Women Record (subject to confirmation)
2nd Grand Prix of France, Fleury les Aubrais, FRA
20 -21 January 2012
 Women 10m Air Rifle 2
 Sheree Cox, GBR  Silver  494.4
 Men 10m Air Rifle 2  
 Kenny Parr, GBR  Bronze  694.2

Results from earlier years.

 2009  2010  2011    

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